Unlock criteria Complete cell 40 of zone 15
Initial cost 15K food
Cost increase Yes, by 1.1x per Explorer hired
Effect Each Explorer increases the fragments base gain by 0.1 per second

"This book will allow you to hire trimps who can create map fragments for you!"

Explorer is the second job that the player will unlock with an increasing hiring cost per each Explorer owned. This makes it advisable to not ever fire Explorers, as the player doesn't get any resources back from firing them.

It can be useful to buy more Explorers than needed for creating maps due to the fact that Gateway costs fragments.

The price of unlocking the Explorer job is 50K Science and 5 map fragments.

Explorers production[edit | edit source]

The production of Explorers is affected by the next multipliers:

Multiplier Name Multiplier Value
Base value 0.1
Number of Explorers Amount of Trimps assigned to the job
Bounty 2 with Bounty Upgrade, 1 otherwise
Whipimp 1.003^(Number of Whipimps killed in the current run)
Motivation 1+0.05*(Motivation Level)
Motivation II 1+0.01*(Motivation II Level)
Speedexplorer 4^(Number of Speedexplorer books purchased)
Staff Heirloom 1+(Staff Heirloom bonus)

This doesn't include some Challenges that may affect your resources gain.

Explorers cost[edit | edit source]

The cost of hiring Explorers increases by 10% of previous cost (compounding).

Explorers owned Food cost
0 15K
10 38.9K
50 1.8M
100 207M
200 2.8T
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