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Equipment in Trimps is obtained from unlocks. It has two types: Weapon and Armor as well as three uses: improving attack, health or block of your fighting Trimps.

Each equipment piece also gets prestige upgrades, raising its tier.

Equipment that improves Attack:[edit | edit source]

  • Dagger
  • Mace
  • Polearm
  • Battleaxe
  • Greatsword
  • Arbalest*

Equipment that improves Health:[edit | edit source]

  • Shield1
  • Boots
  • Helmet
  • Pants
  • Shoulderguards
  • Breastplate
  • Gambeson*

1Shield will give Trimps block once The Block is completed and Shieldblock is purchased.

*Unlocked by completing the Slow challenge.

Equipment cost[edit | edit source]

A table on prestige purchase costs can be found here. These are effectively costs for each level 1 equipment, which is included in each equipment prestige upgrade.

The game rounds numbers (so the values you see are false), which in addition to floating point errors will lead to slight inconsistencies, but otherwise, the cost to upgrade a piece of equipment is exponential in its level.

Formula for cost of next level: , where base is the item's base cost (for its current prestige) and level' is its current level.

Cost efficiency[edit | edit source]

Below are tables for cost/efficiency of each equipment piece.

These numbers are relative, which means they relate to each other. This means you get the most bang out of your buck by purchasing equipment with the lowest number at the same prestige level and item level.

Equipment Relative ratio of cost / attack Inverse (attack / cost)
Dagger 0.48 2.23
Mace 0.64 1.56
Polearm 0.84 1.19
Battleaxe 0.788571 1.27
Greatsword 1 1
Arbalest 0.72 1.39

Making Greatsword the least cost efficient attack equipment in the game.

Equipment Relative ratio of cost / health Inverse (health / cost)
Shield 0.836364 1.20
Block Shield 2.230303 (cost / block) 0.45 (block / cost)
Boots 0.766667 1.30
Helmet 0.836364 1.20
Pants 0.955844 1.05
Shoulderguards 1 1
Breastplate 0.991688 1.01
Gambeson 0.69697 1.43

Making Shoulderguards the least cost efficient health equipment in the game. Block Shield is a special case, as it gives block.

Equipment output[edit | edit source]

Below are tables which show output for each equipment for selected tiers.

Equipment which improves Attack (as per breakdown above) has its attack gain shown, while equipment which improves Health has its health gain shown.

Shield marked as:

  • "Health Shield" is without purchasing Shieldblock.
  • "Block Shield" is after purchasing Shieldblock.

Warning: These tables are extremely long

Using standard notation[edit | edit source]

Tier Health Shield Block Shield Dagger Boots Mace Helmet Polearm Pants Battleaxe Shoulder-guards Greatsword Breastplate Arbalest Gambeson
1 4.00 1.50 2.00 6.00 3.00 10.00 4.00 14.00 7.00 23.00 9.00 35.00 15.00 60.00
2 54.00 10.00 23.00 82.00 34.00 136.00 46.00 190.00 80.00 313.00 103.00 476.00 171.00 815.00
3 621.00 58.00 219.00 931.00 329.00 1.55K 438.00 2.17K 767.00 3.57K 986.00 5.43K 1.64K 9.31K
4 7.09K 330.00 2.10K 10.63K 3.16K 17.72K 4.21K 24.81K 7.36K 40.76K 9.47K 62.03K 15.78K 106.33K
5 80.95K 1.88K 20.19K 121.43K 30.28K 202.38K 40.37K 283.34K 70.65K 465.48K 90.83K 708.35K 151.38K 1.21M
6 924.47K 10.69K 193.70K 1.39M 290.55K 2.31M 387.40K 3.24M 677.95K 5.32M 871.65K 8.09M 1.45M 13.87M
7 10.56M 60.88K 1.86M 15.84M 2.79M 26.39M 3.72M 36.95M 6.51M 60.70M 8.36M 92.38M 13.94M 158.36M
8 120.56M 346.68K 17.84M 180.84M 26.76M 301.40M 35.68M 421.97M 62.43M 693.23M 80.27M 1.05B 133.79M 1.81B
9 1.38B 1.97M 171.18M 2.07B 256.77M 3.44B 342.37M 4.82B 599.14M 7.92B 770.32M 12.05B 1.28B 20.65B
10 15.72B 11.24M 1.64B 23.58B 2.46B 39.31B 3.29B 55.03B 5.75B 90.40B 7.39B 137.57B 12.32B 235.84B
11 179.55B 64.02M 15.76B 269.32B 23.65B 448.87B 31.53B 628.42B 55.18B 1.03T 70.94B 1.57T 118.23B 2.69T
12 2.05T 364.59M 151.28B 3.08T 226.93B 5.13T 302.57B 7.18T 529.49B 11.79T 680.78B 17.94T 1.13T 30.76T
13 23.42T 2.08B 1.45T 35.12T 2.18T 58.54T 2.90T 81.95T 5.08T 134.64T 6.53T 204.88T 10.89T 351.23T
14 267.40T 11.82B 13.93T 401.09T 20.90T 668.49T 27.86T 935.88T 48.76T 1.54Qa 62.69T 2.34Qa 104.49T 4.01Qa
15 3.05Qa 67.33B 133.70T 4.58Qa 200.55T 7.63Qa 267.40T 10.69Qa 467.94T 17.56Qa 601.64T 26.72Qa 1.00Qa 45.80Qa
16 34.87Qa 383.43B 1.28Qa 52.31Qa 1.92Qa 87.18Qa 2.57Qa 122.05Qa 4.49Qa 200.51Qa 5.77Qa 305.12Qa 9.62Qa 523.07Qa
17 398.22Qa 2.18T 12.31Qa 597.33Qa 18.47Qa 995.56Qa 24.62Qa 1.39Qi 43.09Qa 2.29Qi 55.41Qa 3.48Qi 92.34Qa 5.97Qi
18 4.55Qi 12.43T 118.16Qa 6.82Qi 177.23Qa 11.37Qi 236.31Qa 15.92Qi 413.55Qa 26.15Qi 531.70Qa 39.79Qi 886.17Qa 68.21Qi
19 51.93Qi 70.81T 1.13Qi 77.90Qi 1.70Qi 129.83Qi 2.27Qi 181.76Qi 3.97Qi 298.61Qi 5.10Qi 454.41Qi 8.50Qi 778.99Qi
20 593.06Qi 403.24T 10.88Qi 889.59Qi 16.32Qi 1.48Sx 21.76Qi 2.08Sx 38.08Qi 3.41Sx 48.97Qi 5.19Sx 81.61Qi 8.90Sx
21 6.77Sx 2.30Qa 104.42Qi 10.16Sx 156.63Qi 16.93Sx 208.84Qi 23.70Sx 365.47Qi 38.94Sx 469.89Qi 59.26Sx 783.16Qi 101.59Sx
22 77.34Sx 13.08Qa 1.00Sx 116.01Sx 1.50Sx 193.35Sx 2.00Sx 270.70Sx 3.51Sx 444.71Sx 4.51Sx 676.74Sx 7.52Sx 1.16Sp
23 883.22Sx 74.47Qa 9.62Sx 1.32Sp 14.42Sx 2.21Sp 19.23Sx 3.09Sp 33.66Sx 5.08Sp 43.27Sx 7.73Sp 72.12Sx 13.25Sp
24 10.09Sp 424.07Qa 92.28Sx 15.13Sp 138.42Sx 25.22Sp 184.56Sx 35.30Sp 322.99Sx 58.00Sp 415.27Sx 88.25Sp 692.12Sx 151.29Sp
25 115.18Sp 2.41Qi 885.58Sx 172.77Sp 1.33Sp 287.96Sp 1.77Sp 403.14Sp 3.10Sp 662.30Sp 3.99Sp 1.01Oc 6.64Sp 1.73Oc
26 1.32Oc 13.75Qi 8.50Sp 1.97Oc 12.75Sp 3.29Oc 17.00Sp 4.60Oc 29.74Sp 7.56Oc 38.24Sp 11.51Oc 63.74Sp 19.73Oc
27 15.02Oc 78.32Qi 81.55Sp 22.53Oc 122.33Sp 37.55Oc 163.11Sp 52.57Oc 285.44Sp 86.37Oc 367.00Sp 131.43Oc 611.66Sp 225.32Oc
28 171.54Oc 445.98Qi 782.64Sp 257.31Oc 1.17Oc 428.84Oc 1.57Oc 600.38Oc 2.74Oc 986.34Oc 3.52Oc 1.50No 5.87Oc 2.57No
29 1.96No 2.54Sx 7.51Oc 2.94No 11.27Oc 4.90No 15.02Oc 6.86No 26.29Oc 11.26No 33.80Oc 17.14No 56.33Oc 29.38No
30 22.37No 14.46Sx 72.07Oc 33.56No 108.11Oc 55.93No 144.15Oc 78.30No 252.26Oc 128.63No 324.34Oc 195.74No 540.56Oc 335.56No

Using scientific notation[edit | edit source]

Tier Health Shield Block Shield Dagger Boots Mace Helmet Polearm Pants Battleaxe Shoulder-guards Greatsword Breastplate Arbalest Gambeson
1 4.00E+00 1.50E+00 2.00E+00 6.00E+00 3.00E+00 1.00E+01 4.00E+00 1.40E+01 7.00E+00 2.30E+01 9.00E+00 3.50E+01 1.50E+01 6.00E+01
2 5.40E+01 1.00E+01 2.30E+01 8.20E+01 3.40E+01 1.36E+02 4.60E+01 1.90E+02 8.00E+01 3.13E+02 1.03E+02 4.76E+02 1.71E+02 8.15E+02
3 6.21E+02 5.80E+01 2.19E+02 9.31E+02 3.29E+02 1.55E+03 4.38E+02 2.17E+03 7.67E+02 3.57E+03 9.86E+02 5.43E+03 1.64E+03 9.31E+03
4 7.09E+03 3.30E+02 2.10E+03 1.06E+04 3.16E+03 1.77E+04 4.21E+03 2.48E+04 7.36E+03 4.08E+04 9.47E+03 6.20E+04 1.58E+04 1.06E+05
5 8.10E+04 1.88E+03 2.02E+04 1.21E+05 3.03E+04 2.02E+05 4.04E+04 2.83E+05 7.06E+04 4.65E+05 9.08E+04 7.08E+05 1.51E+05 1.21E+06
6 9.24E+05 1.07E+04 1.94E+05 1.39E+06 2.91E+05 2.31E+06 3.87E+05 3.24E+06 6.78E+05 5.32E+06 8.72E+05 8.09E+06 1.45E+06 1.39E+07
7 1.06E+07 6.09E+04 1.86E+06 1.58E+07 2.79E+06 2.64E+07 3.72E+06 3.70E+07 6.51E+06 6.07E+07 8.36E+06 9.24E+07 1.39E+07 1.58E+08
8 1.21E+08 3.47E+05 1.78E+07 1.81E+08 2.68E+07 3.01E+08 3.57E+07 4.22E+08 6.24E+07 6.93E+08 8.03E+07 1.05E+09 1.34E+08 1.81E+09
9 1.38E+09 1.97E+06 1.71E+08 2.07E+09 2.57E+08 3.44E+09 3.42E+08 4.82E+09 5.99E+08 7.92E+09 7.70E+08 1.20E+10 1.28E+09 2.07E+10
10 1.57E+10 1.12E+07 1.64E+09 2.36E+10 2.46E+09 3.93E+10 3.29E+09 5.50E+10 5.75E+09 9.04E+10 7.39E+09 1.38E+11 1.23E+10 2.36E+11
11 1.80E+11 6.40E+07 1.58E+10 2.69E+11 2.36E+10 4.49E+11 3.15E+10 6.28E+11 5.52E+10 1.03E+12 7.09E+10 1.57E+12 1.18E+11 2.69E+12
12 2.05E+12 3.65E+08 1.51E+11 3.08E+12 2.27E+11 5.13E+12 3.03E+11 7.18E+12 5.29E+11 1.18E+13 6.81E+11 1.79E+13 1.13E+12 3.08E+13
13 2.34E+13 2.08E+09 1.45E+12 3.51E+13 2.18E+12 5.85E+13 2.90E+12 8.20E+13 5.08E+12 1.35E+14 6.53E+12 2.05E+14 1.09E+13 3.51E+14
14 2.67E+14 1.18E+10 1.39E+13 4.01E+14 2.09E+13 6.68E+14 2.79E+13 9.36E+14 4.88E+13 1.54E+15 6.27E+13 2.34E+15 1.04E+14 4.01E+15
15 3.05E+15 6.73E+10 1.34E+14 4.58E+15 2.01E+14 7.63E+15 2.67E+14 1.07E+16 4.68E+14 1.76E+16 6.02E+14 2.67E+16 1.00E+15 4.58E+16
16 3.49E+16 3.83E+11 1.28E+15 5.23E+16 1.92E+15 8.72E+16 2.57E+15 1.22E+17 4.49E+15 2.01E+17 5.77E+15 3.05E+17 9.62E+15 5.23E+17
17 3.98E+17 2.18E+12 1.23E+16 5.97E+17 1.85E+16 9.96E+17 2.46E+16 1.39E+18 4.31E+16 2.29E+18 5.54E+16 3.48E+18 9.23E+16 5.97E+18
18 4.55E+18 1.24E+13 1.18E+17 6.82E+18 1.77E+17 1.14E+19 2.36E+17 1.59E+19 4.14E+17 2.61E+19 5.32E+17 3.98E+19 8.86E+17 6.82E+19
19 5.19E+19 7.08E+13 1.13E+18 7.79E+19 1.70E+18 1.30E+20 2.27E+18 1.82E+20 3.97E+18 2.99E+20 5.10E+18 4.54E+20 8.50E+18 7.79E+20
20 5.93E+20 4.03E+14 1.09E+19 8.90E+20 1.63E+19 1.48E+21 2.18E+19 2.08E+21 3.81E+19 3.41E+21 4.90E+19 5.19E+21 8.16E+19 8.90E+21
21 6.77E+21 2.30E+15 1.04E+20 1.02E+22 1.57E+20 1.69E+22 2.09E+20 2.37E+22 3.65E+20 3.89E+22 4.70E+20 5.93E+22 7.83E+20 1.02E+23
22 7.73E+22 1.31E+16 1.00E+21 1.16E+23 1.50E+21 1.93E+23 2.00E+21 2.71E+23 3.51E+21 4.45E+23 4.51E+21 6.77E+23 7.52E+21 1.16E+24
23 8.83E+23 7.45E+16 9.62E+21 1.32E+24 1.44E+22 2.21E+24 1.92E+22 3.09E+24 3.37E+22 5.08E+24 4.33E+22 7.73E+24 7.21E+22 1.32E+25
24 1.01E+25 4.24E+17 9.23E+22 1.51E+25 1.38E+23 2.52E+25 1.85E+23 3.53E+25 3.23E+23 5.80E+25 4.15E+23 8.83E+25 6.92E+23 1.51E+26
25 1.15E+26 2.41E+18 8.86E+23 1.73E+26 1.33E+24 2.88E+26 1.77E+24 4.03E+26 3.10E+24 6.62E+26 3.99E+24 1.01E+27 6.64E+24 1.73E+27
26 1.32E+27 1.38E+19 8.50E+24 1.97E+27 1.27E+25 3.29E+27 1.70E+25 4.60E+27 2.97E+25 7.56E+27 3.82E+25 1.15E+28 6.37E+25 1.97E+28
27 1.50E+28 7.83E+19 8.16E+25 2.25E+28 1.22E+26 3.76E+28 1.63E+26 5.26E+28 2.85E+26 8.64E+28 3.67E+26 1.31E+29 6.12E+26 2.25E+29
28 1.72E+29 4.46E+20 7.83E+26 2.57E+29 1.17E+27 4.29E+29 1.57E+27 6.00E+29 2.74E+27 9.86E+29 3.52E+27 1.50E+30 5.87E+27 2.57E+30
29 1.96E+30 2.54E+21 7.51E+27 2.94E+30 1.13E+28 4.90E+30 1.50E+28 6.86E+30 2.63E+28 1.13E+31 3.38E+28 1.71E+31 5.63E+28 2.94E+31
30 2.24E+31 1.45E+22 7.21E+28 3.36E+31 1.08E+29 5.59E+31 1.44E+29 7.83E+31 2.52E+29 1.29E+32 3.24E+29 1.96E+32 5.41E+29 3.36E+32
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