Base Radon cost 1
Cost increase 1.5x previous level
Level cap none
Method of acquisition
Complete the Unbalance challenge
Perk effects
Reduce Trimp and enemy attack by 10% (compounding)

"Produce a Calming Aura from your Portal Device, reducing the Attack of Bad Guys AND Trimps by 10% (compounding). You can enable Equality Scaling, which causes Equality to start inactive and gain one level each time your Trimps die up to your purchased Perk level."

Effect[edit | edit source]

Each level reduces both Trimp attack and enemy attack by 10% (compounding).

Equality Scaling[edit | edit source]

Upon unlocking this Perk, a new setting called Equality Scaling will appear in the View Perks Screen. It is turned off by default.

The player can turn Equality Scaling on by clicking on it, and customize how many hits Trimps take to hit an enemy before dying by CTRL-clicking on it. The default is 5, and this can be adjusted to any number from 0 to 10.

If Equality Scaling is off, then the maximum level of Equality is always active, drastically reducing Trimp and enemy attack for the run. Otherwise, Equality levels are gained only when Trimps fail to survive for the number of hits specified (default 5) in the View Perks Screen. One level is gained for every death, up to the maximum Equality level.

The player can toggle Equality Scaling on and off at any time without any penalty. The current level of Equality will be applied on this action.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Turn Equality Scaling Off when Prismatic Shield is needed to be kept high, for example when running challenges like Bublé or attempting the Shielded Achievements.

Turn Equality Scaling On when speed is needed, for example when running Maps for equipment prestiges or when going for the Speed Achievements.

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