Easter Eggs started appearing in the world zones (not maps) in conjunction with Easter. They reward the player with various bonuses if acquired.

They appeared for 1 to 2 weeks during the following events:

  • Easter 2016 (patch 3.11) 
  • Easter 2017 (patch 4.3)
  • Easter 2018 (patch 4.72)

General InformationEdit

When entering a new zone, there is a 15% chance that an egg will appear on a random cell that is not reserved for a special item. There is a maximum of one egg per zone.

Acquisition Edit

An Easter Egg on it's own doesn't do anything. It requires the player to manually click on it to roll one of the random rewards.

Rewards Edit

When clicked, an Easter Egg will give a reward. Using Scryer Formation when collecting an egg will double food/wood/metal loot, but not Nullifum or Helium.

Note: "1x" refers to the amount of a resource player would have received from a loot cell in the world zone on that particular cell.



26% 1 - 5x Food
28% 1 - 5x Wood
29%/37%/46%* 1 - 5x Metal
9% Helium equal to the amount earned in current zone. Below zone 20: 1 base Helium (affected by Looting, rounded down, check here for more info)
5% (0.25 * Current zone) Nullifium rounded. Gives 1 Nu on zone 1
2% A random Heirloom equal to current zone
1% A Void map
  • If the player never used the Portal, then Helium, Nullifium, Heirlooms and Void Maps won't drop, and Metal will have 46% drop chance.
  • If the player has used the Portal 1-4 times (ergo doesn't have Void Maps unlocked, but has Helium), Metal will have a 37% chance of dropping instead. Helium will drop, but Nullifium, Heirlooms and Void Maps will not.
  • If the player has used the Portal 5 times or more, Metal will have 29% chance of dropping, and everything will drop.

Quotes Edit

These quotes will appear in the message log upon clicking an Easter Egg, and the text varies depending on whether the cell it's located on was already beaten, is being beaten or hasn't been beaten yet.

If Easter Egg cell is beaten

"You use your amazing sense of hindsight, and send a Trimp to check behind you for eggs. It found one containing "

"You just remembered you wanted to look for treasure. You send a Trimp backwards to check and it found an egg containing "

If on the Easter Egg cell "Oh, there seems to be an egg on the ground. You throw it really hard to break it, and find "
If Easter Egg cell is not beaten "You see a brightly colored egg off in the distance and send a Trimp to retrieve it for you. Inside is "

"You send a Trimp to sneak forward checking for eggs. After getting turned around multiple times, it found an egg that had "

"Hey there's an egg up there! You send a few Trimps to retrieve it and they bring back "