Reach zone 20 for the first time
Reward Perk: Carpentry
Goal Complete Prismatic Palace
All housing provide only 1 Trimp each.
Trimps gather 5x more resources every second.

"Tweak the portal to bring you to an alternate reality, where Trimps are incredibly antisocial and refuse to share a house with any other Trimps. Each housing building will only provide 1 Trimp, but the morale boost and smaller society causes all Trimps to gather 5x as many resources per second. Clearing Prismatic Palace (Zone 20) will complete this Challenge!"

Downsize is a new challenge introduced together with the Radon Universe. Completing this challenge unlocks the Carpentry Perk for U2.

Rules[edit | edit source]

All housing purchased comes with only 1 new Trimp inside. This includes Huts, Houses, Mansions, Hotels and Resorts. However, Trimps are now able to gather 5x as many resources every second. This applies to Food, Wood, Metal, Science, Fragments and Gems.

After the challenge is completed, maximum Trimps from all of the factors is retroactively added.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Invest in Trumps since Battle Territory bonuses are unaffected by the challenge restriction. Note that respeccing points into Trumps will not retroactively boost population from already-conquered Territories.

Breed speed (e.g. Pheromones, Quick Trimps) may also be of help, since your lower population will lead to a much longer breed time. Manually trapping is a viable alternative (remember the 10x bigger traps from Scruffy), if you're willing to sacrifice your Turkimp bonus.

Because this challenge gives one of the most powerful perks, it should be done ASAP.

For the"Perfectly balanced" feat requiring an equal amount of the 5 first buildings, it is recommended to turn AutoStructure off (or keep it on with a limit around 30) and only run Prismatic Palace after clearing zone 25 (since that is when Resorts are available), wich also need to have your Prismal perk at 19 max (so that you don't automatically validate Prismatic Palace).

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