Reach zone 215 for the first time
Reward Double current run Helium for all zones completed up until zone 215 (inclusive).
Goal Complete Zone 215
Most enemies have 90% less health and attack
The final enemy of each world zone and Map has 2.5x more damage, 7.5x more health, and heal for 5% every time they attack. They drop 3x as much Helium though.

"Travel to a dimension where the strongest Bad Guys gain strength from those weaker than them. Most Bad Guys have 90% less health and attack, but the final Bad Guy in every World Zone and Map has 2.5x more damage, 7.5x more health, and heal for 5% every time they attack your Trimps. But they also drop three times as much Helium! Clearing Zone 215 will also reward you with an extra 100% of helium earned from any source up to that point, and will instantly teleport you back to your normal dimension!"

Helium challenge[edit source]

Domination is a Helium challenge. There are a few rules which are followed by each one of them:

  • The Helium reward from this challenge can be obtained repeatedly for multiple challenge completions.
  • Completing Domination will increase all Helium earned until zone 215 (including 215) by 2x.
  • Helium earned from completing Void maps will also be increased by 2x for each Void map completed on zone 215 or below. More information here.

Rules[edit | edit source]

For the duration of the challenge, most enemies have less attack and health than normal (90% less). However, the final enemy of each world zone (Blimp or Improbability) and Map has massively increased stats, to the tune of 2.5x attack and 7.5x health, and they will heal for 5% of maximum health each time they attack. To compensate for this, they reward 3x as much Helium.

This means that the final Helium reward will be higher than the 2x as advertised on the Portal screen.

The last enemy in zone 215 has 91.0 Uv Health, so you need at least 4.55 Uv average damage to defeat it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Domination was added in patch 4.10.0.
  • Domination was proposed by /u/JellicleJinx on the "What do you guys want next from Trimps?" Reddit thread. It was originally proposed as a "catch-up challenge" for Spire II, just like Corrupted being one for the first Spire, and the proposed goal was zone 290. The proposal was implemented at the 4.10 test server, but while the server was online, the goal was changed to zone 215.
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