Dimension of Anger


Purchase the Anger upgrade
Reward Unlock Helium and Portal. Gain 45 Helium (not affected by any bonuses/perks)
Level 20
Resource Metal
Size 100
Difficulty 250%
Loot 300%
Total (HP + BLK) required to guarantee completion
Minimum 65.55M


Maximum 98.32M


"Your scientists are pissed. Not because of anything you did, but this gem seems to be making them mad. It'll take some research, but you think you can create a map to the place the gem originated from."

Dimension of Anger is one of the most important maps in the game, as it unlocks Portal, used for soft reset. It is created by buying Anger.

If Portal was never used before in the save file, completing Dimension of Anger is required to gain Helium from the completion of subsequent zones. Otherwise, completing Dimension of Anger is only necessary to gain 45 Helium and unlock Portal.

The player needs a minimum 65.55M combined health and block to guarantee completing it. That number is the minimum attack of the worst possible scenario on this map - a Snimp encountered on cell 99.

The player should aim for combined health and block of somewhere between that and the maximum attack of that imp (98.32M).

The cell 100 boss - Megablimp - doesn't attack first, therefore its attack doesn't matter, as killing it is only a matter of time.

The following challenges end by completing Dimension of Anger:

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