Reach zone 170 for the first time
Reward Perk: Overkill
Goal Complete Imploding Star
When Trimps are killed, 7.5x of the overkill damage received will hit the next group of Trimps

"Travel to a harsh dimension where Trimps are penalized for the mistakes of previous generations. If your army is killed at any point, any overkill damage will be applied 750% to the next group of Trimps to fight. Completing Imploding Star (Zone 170) will return the world to normal."

Rules[edit | edit source]

Every time Trimps die, 7.5x of overkill damage will be dealt to the next group of soldiers.

If this damage exceeds the amount of health of the next group of soldiers, they will spawn dead.

However, if Trimps die due to switching formation or the "Abandon Soldiers" button, the overkill damage is 0 and your next group spawns with full health. So suiciding is a viable strategy if you can time your keypresses properly.

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