Reach zone 55 for the first time.
Reward Can select Gardens biome for maps
Gardens loot increased by 25%
Goal Complete zone 55
Loot (excluding Helium) and gathering increased 10x and Trimp attack increased 5x
Every second, a stack of Decay accumulates. Decay reduces gathering speed, loot, and Trimp attack by 0.5% of the current amount (max 999 stacks)
These stacks are cleared after completing a zone

"Tweak the portal to bring you to an alternate reality, where added chaos will help you learn to create a peaceful place. You will gain 10x loot, 10x gathering (excluding helium), and 5x Trimp attack, but a stack of Decay will accumulate every second. Each stack of Decay reduces loot, gathering, and Trimp attack by 0.5% of the current amount. These stacks reset each time a Blimp is killed and cap at 999. Completing Zone 55 with this challenge active will allow you to select the Gardens biome when creating maps, and all future Gardens maps created will gain +25% loot."

Rules[edit | edit source]

In this challenge, Trimps receive a buff called Sanity which gives them 5x attack, 10x gathering speed and 10x loot gains (excluding Helium).

Every second that passes, a stack of Decay is added. Each stack of Decay creates a separate multiplier, which reduces each of the aforementioned stats by 0.5% of the current total amount. Clearing a zone resets Decay stacks to 0. Note that despite the in-game description stating that the stacks are reset upon killing a Blimp, completing zones that don't have Blimps (1-4, 6-9, and 11-14) will also reset the Decay stacks.

Final multiplier:

A * (0.995 ^ [Decay stacks])


A = 10 for loot and production, 5 for attack

As a result:

  • Attack starts to fall under normal after 321 stacks (321 seconds or just over 5 minutes).
  • Loot and production starts to fall under normal after 459 stacks (459 seconds or around 7.5 minutes).

With (maximum) 999 stacks of Decay:

  • Attack goes down to 3.3437% of original stat.
  • Loot and production go down to 6.6874% of original stat.

Here's a table showing rounded final multipliers added by the Decay challenge with select numbers of stacks:

Stacks Multiplier
Loot/Production Attack
0 10 5
100 6.058 3.029
200 3.67 1.835
300 2.223 1.111
321 2.001 1
400 1.347 0.673
459 1.002 0.501
500 0.816 0.408
600 0.494 0.247
700 0.299 0.15
800 0.181 0.091
900 0.11 0.055
999 0.067 0.033

Strategy[edit | edit source]

With Decay active, it is recommended to pause the game whenever the player has to leave.

Ensure you don't take too long farming maps, as Decay stacks will still accumulate in maps. Try to spend no more than 5 minutes in each zone.

Even though the challenge will be grayed out once it is completed, it is actually a good idea to keep running this challenge until the player is able to unlock Electricity. This is because of the large Sanity buff which will speed up early gameplay and thus Helium gain. This challenge is also good for attempting speedrun achievements for The Block, The Wall, Dimension of Anger and Trimple of Doom.

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