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Some purchasable items are marked as "dangerous". What this means is, if the setting "Confirming" is toggled, every time the player tries to purchase it, it asks for confirmation. This prevents accidental missclicks on buying these items.


Wormholes are marked as dangerous, because they cost Helium, which is an important and rare resource used more importantly for leveling up Perks. Helium is non-renewable until one portals.


Gigastation upgrade is marked as dangerous as it creates irreversible changes to the Warpstation. Gigastations are non-renewable until one portals.


If the player had reached zone 31 or further, Shieldblock becomes marked as a dangerous upgrade. This is because in the later stages of the game, the player should carefully consider whether they want it at all, as using health shield is usually a better choice. Shieldblock cannot be undone.

Once the player reaches zone 40, it becomes easier to simply not do the Block as it provides no other benefits.