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Reach zone 100 for the first time
Reward Varying increase of Helium earned throughout the entire run.
Goal None
Varying number and difficulty of rules.

Daily challenges is a special challenge which is comprised of a random set of predefined rules. It's accessible like every other challenge from the list of challenges in the Portal screen if the player has reached zone 100 at least once, ever.

Each day spawns a new challenge with a different set of rules randomly generated from a pool of rules. The challenges do not have a specific end point, instead, they end where the player chooses for them to end. Completing a daily challenge will increase Helium earned by a multiplier which is also generated, and depends on the difficulty of the rules the challenge is made out of. This makes all daily challenges Helium challenges.


When Daily Challenges are unlocked, a new button will appear in the list of challenge called Daily. Clicking it will select the challenge of the specific day. The player is also allowed to run the challenge of the previous 6 days by clicking the respective days, assuming they haven't been completed already.

Once started, the player can spend as long as they want on the challenge itself. You do not have to finish the challenge before the time at which the next week's Daily Challenge is rolled. If you start a challenge on Monday and finish it next Monday, all challenges from the previous week will still be accessible. This means there is a maximum possible buffer of having Eight daily Challenges at once.

When in a Daily Challenge, the Abandon challenge function is replaced with the Finish Daily function. Each Daily Challenge can only be started once.

The challenge ends either when the player uses the Finish daily button or if they Portal. Using the button will allow the player to spend the Helium earned in the run and the bonus Helium in the Portal screen. Using the Portal without finishing the challenge first only lets the player spend the base Helium on Perks, and then the bonus Helium can be spent later in the View Perks menu.

The game uses UTC time to determine when a new day starts.


Each Daily Challenge includes a variety of randomly generated rules. The number of rules that can appear at once is technically constrained, however there is no hard cap.

Mods with one factor
Daily Description XX Weight Step
minDamage Trimp min damage reduced by XX (additive). Min 50% 0.294 1%
Max 99% 0.818
maxDamage Trimp max damage increased by XX (additive). Min 100% -0.455 25%
Max 500% -2.273
Plague Enemies stack a debuff with each attack, damaging Trimps for XX of total health per turn per stack, resets on Trimp death. Min 1% 2.673 1%
Max 10% 3.949
Weakness Enemies stack a debuff with each attack, reducing Trimp attack by XX per stack. Stacks cap at 9 and reset on Trimp death. Min 1% 0.25 1%
Max 10% 2.5
Large All housing can store XX fewer Trimps. Min 10% 0.222 1%
Max 60% 3
Dedication Gain XX more resources from gathering. Min 50% -0.375 10%
Max 400% -3
Famine Gain XX less Metal, Food, Wood, and Gems from all sources. Min 40% 0.333 1%
Max 80% 2
badStrength Enemy attack increased by XX. Min 100% 0.5 20%
Max 300% 1.5
badHealth Enemy health increased by XX. Min 60% 0.6 20%
Max 300% 3
badMapStrength Enemy attack in maps increased by XX. Min 90% 0.4 30%
Max 450% 2
badMapHealth Enemy health in maps increased by XX. Min 90% 0.563 30%
Max 300% 1.875
Crits Enemies have a 25% chance to crit for XX of normal damage. Min 150% 0.225 50%
Max 1300% 1.95
Bogged Your Trimps lose XX of their max health after each attack. Min 1% 0.005 1%
Max 5% 2.693
Dysfunctional Your Trimps breed XX slower. Min 50% 0.167 5%
Max 90% 1.5
Oddly Weak Trimps have XX less attack on odd numbered zones. Min 30% 0.286 2%
Max 80% 2.667
Even Stronger Trimps have XX more attack on even numbered zones. Min 20% -0.2 20%
Max 200% -2
Explosive Enemies instantly deal XX of their attack damage when killed, Min 500% 1 100%
Max 1500% 2.5
unless your block is as high as your maximum health. Min 1600% 1 100%
Max 3000% 2
Slippery Enemies have a XX chance to dodge your attacks on odd/even zones. Min 2% 0.136 2%
Max 30% 2.857
Empower All enemies gain XX stacks of Empower whenever your Trimps die. Empower increases their attack and health by 0.2% per stack, can stack to 9999, and never resets. Min 1 0.333 1
Max 10 3.333
Mutimps 40% of bad guys in the first XX rows of the World will be mutated in to Mutimps. Min 2 0.15 2
Max 10 0.75
Hulking Mutimps 40% of bad guys in the first XX rows of the World will be mutated in to Hulking Mutimps. Min 2 0.9 2
Max 10 1.5
Metallic Thumb Equipment is XX cheaper. Min 50% 0.5 5%
Max 95% 0.154
Trimp Crit Chance Up Your Trimps have +XX Crit Chance. Min 50% -1.25 10%
Max 100% -2.5
Trimp Crit Chance Down Your Trimps have -XX Crit Chance. Min 20% 0.444 10%
Max 70% 1.556
Mods with two factors
Daily Description Value Weight Step
Karma Gain a stack after killing an enemy, increasing all non Helium loot by XX. Stacks cap at YY, and reset after clearing a zone. Min 0.15% 300 -0.225 0.15% 25
Max XX 0.75% 300 -1.125
Max YY 0.15% 500 -0.375
Max 0.75% 500 -1.875
Toxic Gain a stack after killing an enemy, reducing breed speed by XX (compounding). Stacks cap at YY, and reset after clearing a zone. Min 0.10% 300 0.058 0.10% 25
Max XX 0.50% 300 0.583
Max YY 0.10% 500 0.108
Max 0.50% 500 1.877

Enemies gain a stack of Bloodthirst whenever Trimps die. Every XX stacks, enemies will heal to full and gain an additive 50% attack. Stacks cap at YY and reset after killing an enemy.

Min 9 18 0.5 1 -
8 24 0.75
7 21 0.75
6 24 1
5 20 1
4 20 1.25
Max 3 15 1.25
Rampage Gain a stack after killing an enemy, increasing Trimp attack by XX (additive). Stacks cap at YY, and reset when your Trimps die. Min 1% 10 -0.1 1% 10
Max XX 4% 10 -0.4
Max YY 1% 100 -1
Max 4% 100 -4
Pressure Trimps gain a stack of Pressure every XX seconds. Each stack of pressure reduces Trimp health by 1%. Max of YY stacks, stacks reset after clearing a zone. Min 60 45 0.5175 5 5
Max XX 45 45 0.615
Max YY 60 60 0.5925
Max 45 60 0.69
Reflect Enemies have a XX chance to reflect an attack, dealing YY of damage taken back to your Trimps. Min 10% 10% 0.7225 10% 10%
Max XX 100% 10% 1.373
Max YY 10% 100% 1.373
Max 100% 100% 2.608

Extra Notes[]

Famine has the highest chance of being one of the modifiers. Bogged, Crits, Dedication, Weakness and Plague all have a lower chance of being one of the modifiers.

Some daily challenge modifiers are now incompatible with each other. This includes:

  • Trimp Crit Chance Up and Trimp Crit Chance Down
  • Dedication and Famine
  • Bogged/Plague (effects killing Trimps quickly) and Rampage/Weakness (effect depends on Trimps being alive)

The damage reflected to your Trimps by the Reflect modifier cannot be blocked. On the contrary, the damage from Explosive can be blocked but will pierce depending on the zone you're currently on.

Empower stacks are applied whenever your current group of fighting Trimps are killed (by enemies, by reflected damage). Deaths from Omnipotrimp explosions are excluded.

Mutimps have 3x attack and 6x health, and are fast. Hulking Mutimps have 5x attack and 12x health, and are also fast. Both reward Metal when defeated.

It is possible for enemies with Crits to have their critical damage stack with critical damage from Crushed, or from Corrupted Precision/Healthy and Precise.

With the new Trimp Crit Chance modifiers, it is possible for Trimp Crit Chance to fall below 0%, or go above 100% (or even 200%!). Check this section for more details.


When finished, either manually or by using the Portal, a Daily Challenge will give an amount of Helium which depends on its multiplier and the amount of Helium the player has earned in the run. Like with other Helium challenges, Helium spent on Wormholes does not lower the final bonus Helium gained from completing the challenge.

Nulifium earned from Heirlooms will also be increased by the same percentage as Helium for however long the challenge is active. Heirlooms carried over from previous runs will not gain the Nulifium bonus.

The bonus Helium from any Daily challenge will not count towards the Bone Trader's Portal purchase. However, the base Helium still applies. For example, if you earn 8M Helium before finishing the challenge and gain 22M bonus from finishing it for a total of 30M Helium, only 8M Helium will be counted towards the Bone Portal.


Every daily challenge rolls for a list of random modifiers using various factors. The generator aims to pick a selection of mods for a total weight between 2.0 - 5.0, and is allowed a 0.5 margin of error. It can also occasionally roll beyond 5.5.

Note that this range is not a linear distribution. The generator generally aims to fill the challenge with at least a large and a medium sized modifier, meaning it will rarely end up with a low total weight value. See the tables above for selected weights for modifiers.

Once all modifiers are chosen, the sum of all weights of all modifiers is the total weight value of the challenge.

Helium reward[]

The total weight value directly corresponds to the final Helium reward, and is the result of the following calculation:

Bonus Helium % = (75 * weight) + 20

The total bonus Helium cannot go below 100%, and cannot exceed 500%.

Below is a table of selected weights and their corresponding Helium rewards.

Weight Bonus Helium %
1.5 132.5%
2.0 170%
3.0 245%
4.0 320%
5.0 395%
6.0 470%

Other Rewards[]

While in a Daily Challenge, Fluffy EXP gain is increased. This increase is tied directly to the bonus Helium percentage.

As of 5.2, the Daily Modifier also affects: Nu from Heirlooms, Nature Tokens, and Dark Essence. It should be noted that only heirlooms gained during the daily are modified. Heirlooms cannot be stored for more Nu, and likewise do not lose their modified Nu value when stored.


  • When introduced, contrary to other Helium challenges, the bonus Helium gained from completing a Daily Challenge would not count Helium spent on Wormholes, instead, it would multiply the current Helium number earned in the run. This was later changed to instead work like other Helium challenges.
  • Daily Challenges were added in patch 3.8.
  • In patch 4.3, one can now run any Daily Challenge from the past 7 days (up from 2 previously). Also 5 new modifiers are added.
  • In patch 4.8, two new modifiers are added (Trimp crit chance). Also, conflicting modifiers, such as Trimp Crit Chance Up and Trimp Crit Chance Down, can no longer appear in the same Daily Challenge.
  • In patch 4.10, Plagued and Bogged are made to spawn less frequently (about once per week on average).