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Reach zone 125 for the first time
Reward 5x current run Helium for all zones completed up until zone 125 (exclusive).
Goal Complete Bionic Wonderland
If Block is lower than current health, enemies have a 50% chance to deal +400% more damage.

"Journey to a dimension where the atmosphere is rich in helium, but Bad Guys have a 50% chance to Critical Strike for +400% damage unless your Block is as high as your current Health. Clearing Bionic Wonderland (Z125) will reward you with an additional 400% helium earned up to but not including Z125. This challenge is repeatable."

Helium challenge[edit source]

Crushed is a Helium challenge. There are a few rules which are followed by each one of them:

  • The Helium reward from this challenge can be obtained repeatedly for multiple challenge completions.
  • Completing Crushed will increase all Helium earned until zone 124 (including 124) by 5x.
  • Helium earned from completing Void maps will also be increased by 5x for each Void map completed on zone 124 or below. More information here.

Rules[edit | edit source]

For the duration of the challenge, if theoretical block (the block shown in the block status popup) is lower than current health (not maximum health), each bad guy will have a 50% chance to deal 500% damage (400% more damage), similar to the effect of maxed out Relentlessness. Obviously there is no ill effect when you're not actively fighting.

Because block is compared to current health, not to maximum health, the protection from enemy critical hits will still apply if your health drops low enough.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This challenge might make it seem like its worth keeping maximum health amount lower than block to not receive critical hits from enemies. However, it's much easier to just ignore the penalty - health is a much cheaper resource to obtain than block, and you tend to have hundred times more health than block, making it obviously better to just take the penalty head on and ignore the challenge description.

For the achievement:

Remove all toughness/resilience. Turn auto prestige to weapons only. be sure to take off your shield also

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