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Reach zone 190 for the first time
Reward Triple current run Helium for all zones completed up until zone 190 (inclusive).
Goal Complete Zone 190
All enemies have 3x attack.
Corruption starts at zone 60. Each corrupted cell gives 7.5% of the current zone's Improbability Helium reward.

"Travel to a dimension where enemies have 3X attack and Corruption runs rampant, beginning at Z60 instead of Z181. The Corruption in this dimension grants helium, but 50% less than normal. Completing Zone 190 with this challenge active will reward you with an additional 200% helium earned from any source up to that point, and will instantly transport you back to your normal dimension."

Helium challenge[]

Corrupted is a Helium challenge. There are a few rules which are followed by each one of them:

  • The Helium reward from this challenge can be obtained repeatedly for multiple challenge completions.
  • Completing Corrupted will increase all Helium earned until zone 190 (including 190) by 3x.
  • Helium earned from completing Void maps will also be increased by 3x for each Void map completed on zone 190 or below. More information here.


For the duration of the challenge, all enemies have 3x attack.

Each corrupted cell in this challenge gives 7.5% (instead of the standard 15%) of the current zone's Improbability Helium reward.

After completing the challenge by beating zone 190, everything goes back to normal, and zone 191+ will go back to spawning the regular number of Corrupted cells.

Corrupted Corruption[]

In this challenge, Corruption starts at zone 60. However:

  • The Corruption which starts at zone 60 keeps going until zone 190. Then, at zone 191, the number of Corrupted cells that will spawn will be reduced to the amount that would have spawned had the Corruption started at zone 181, which will be 6 cells. Additionally, with the Headstart Mastery the Corruption starts earlier, resulting in more cells appearing at zone 191.
  • The Corruption which starts at zone 60 does not make Improbabilities and Void maps stronger. It also does not increase Helium gains from Improbabilities and Void maps by 2x like the zone 181+ Corruption does.
  • However, during the Corrupted challenge, even though the Corruption would have already started at zone 60 and would not end until the end of the challenge at zone 191, zone 181 where the True Corruption starts will trigger all of the events above - make Improbabilities and Void maps harder but have them give more helium as per Rules of Corruption. This naturally results in a peak in helium per hour after reaching zone 181, and it is advised to only run Void maps at zones 181-190 if the player's goal is to maximize helium gains.
  • The Headstart Mastery will trigger the True Corruption explained above earlier than zone 181, making Improbabilities and Void maps give more helium but also making them more difficult.
  • Corrupted cells give 7.5% instead of 15% helium for the duration of the entire challenge. Reaching True Corruption will not make it 15% as long as the player is inside the challenge. The cells are only going to give 15% after the challenge is completed by beating zone 190 or abandoned.


  • Before patch V3.7, zone 181 would stealthily make Improbabilities and Void maps stronger and give more helium, as the standard Corruption pop-up does not appear in this challenge. Now, there is a special pop-up at zone 181 (or earlier if the player has Headstart Mastery) during the Corrupted challenge to let the player know about these changes.