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Reach zone 120 for the first time
Reward Perk: Coordinated
Goal Complete Dimension of Anger
Bad Guys get buffed each zone as if they were purchasing Coordination, indicated by the number next to their name (same as Trimps). The effect applies in maps as well.
Bad Guys don't attack first

"Visit a dimension where Bad Guys are Coordinated but never fast, to allow you to study naturally evolved Coordination. Completing 'Dimension of Anger' (20) with this challenge active will cause all enemies to lose their Coordination."

Rules[edit | edit source]

In this challenge, enemy imps become "Coordinated" and gain buffs for each zone as if they were buying Coordination each zone. In other words, they get a 25% increase in numbers each zone, rounded up, just like Coordination.

The effect applies in maps as well. Note that in maps, the enemies' level of coordinated depends on the map level, not the world zone. This means that fishing for gear in Bionic Wonderlands is not as useful as it might otherwise be.

For the duration of the challenge, enemy imps do not have first strike.

After completing the challenge, all of the Bad Guys decide to have a quarrel and are no longer friends; ergo, they will continue to fight in singletons like they normally do.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This challenge is pretty straightforward, it's just enemies getting stronger. It's advisable to get new prestige upgrades as fast as possible. Since you always have the first strike there's no need to worry about having a minimum hp+block.

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