Base Helium cost 100M
Cost increase 10x previous level
Level cap 10

(111Qa Helium to max level)

Method of acquisition
Complete Spire II
Perk effects
Allows Fluffy to level up to your Capable level

"You can sense great power within Fluffy, but he'll need some training. Each level of Capable allows Fluffy to gain 1 level of experience. Respeccing to remove Capable will temporarily remove any bonuses associated with Fluffy's level and experience, but all exp will be saved until you add points back. Each level of Capable is 10x more expensive than the last, and buying the first level will allow Fluffy to take Portals with you."

Effect[edit | edit source]

Each level is allows Fluffy to gain EXP up to your current Capable level. For example, if you have Capable level 6, Fluffy can gain EXP up to level 6, but once he reaches level 6, then he can no longer gain additional EXP. Unlike the other Perks, this perk has a scaling cost of 10x.

The cost of various Capable levels are shown in the table below:

Capable level Helium Cost
1 100M
2 1B
3 10B
4 100B
5 1T
6 10T
7 100T
8 1Qa
9 10Qa
10 100Qa

It is recommended to max out this perk as soon as possible, because each level of Fluffy grants useful bonuses to the player.

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