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This page lists all of the useful calculators to help you in your runs.

List of CalculatorsEdit

Name Description External Link
Perky Perk optimizer. Can read exported saves, making it easy to use and accurate.
zFarm Determines the optimal zone for you to farm by simulating hours of farming in each zone.
nsheetz Heirloom/DG Calculator Calculator for Magmatic and Plagued Heirlooms, and DG upgrades.
omsi6's Heirloom Calculator
Void Map Drop Rate Calculator Simulates Void Map drop chance over thousands of runs. Has the ability to import your save, and can also determine the average zone required to reach the next VM at your current point in the run. Takes Heirloom Shield VM drop chance and Golden Upgrades into account.
Zxv's Mastery Planner A tool to help players plan their deep runs to unlock new masteries. Calculates how many zones a player must scry for in order to unlock their desired masteries. Supports scrying over multiple runs, previously unlocked masteries, custom scrying start zone and poison-only scrying.
Fluffy Calculator Simple Fluffy Calculator.
Spire TD Calculator A calculator to help plan your Spire!
Gator Calculator For fuel and Amalgamator based calculations.
Daily Seeker For seeing upcoming daily challenges over the next year.
BW Calc For estimating time to clear Bionic Wonderland maps
Pretty C2 Tables Display table for c2 zones
U2 'perky' Perk calculator for U2, not 100% comprehensive based on
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