Reach zone 40 for the first time
Reward 4x current run Radon for all zones completed until zone 40 (inclusive), if challenge passed
Goal Complete zone 40
Trimps have an extra 250% Prismatic Shield.
Taking any damage to health causes challenge to be failed.

"Tweak the portal to bring you to an alternate reality where Trimps really really don't like taking damage. Your Trimps start in this reality with an extra 250% Prismatic Shield, but as soon as they take any damage to health at all, they will refuse to fight again and the challenge will end. Clearing Zone 40 without failing will complete this Challenge - granting an additional 300% of all Radon earned up to that point. Failing this Challenge will grant an additional 100% of all Radon earned up to the spot where you failed."

Bublé is a new challenge introduced together with the Radon Universe. This is the first challenge that can be ended prematurely without abandoning, if the conditions are right.

Radon challenge[edit source]

Bublé is a Radon challenge. There are a few rules which are followed by each one of them:

  • The Radon reward from this challenge can be obtained repeatedly for multiple challenge completions.
  • Completing Bublé will increase all Radon earned until zone 40 (including 40) by 4x.
  • Radon earned from completing Void maps will also be increased by 4x for each Void map completed on zone 40 or below. More information here.

Rules[edit | edit source]

For the duration of the challenge, Trimps have an additional 250% Prismatic Shield. Successfully completing the challenge will reward the player with 4x the Radon of all zones up to zone 40 (inclusive).

However, if Trimps ever take any damage to their health, they will refuse to fight and the challenge is failed. Doing so awards the player with 2x the Radon earned up to that point.

Note that the 20% health loss (which ignores Prismatic Shield) from a Destructive Void Map does not cause the challenge to be failed.

Upon failing the challenge, the following message is shown:

"Oh no, you failed the Bublé challenge! You have been rewarded with X extra Radon, and you may try again."

Upon successfully completing the challenge, the following message is shown:

"You have completed the Bublé challenge! You're a hero among Trimps! You have been rewarded with X extra Radon, and you may repeat the challenge."

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Keeping Prismatic Shield high is essential to completing this challenge successfully. Things that may help are the following:

  • High Health (including Heirloom bonus, Golden Battle/Voidtle bonus, and Toughness)
  • A high Prismal level
  • Prismatic Shield bonus from a Radiating Heirloom
  • Prismalicious from Prismatic Palace (zone 20)
  • A high Equality level with Equality Scaling turned Off
  • Armor equipment prestiges and levels
  • Smithies (recommend 7)

Buying the 4th Microchip will allow earlier prestige acquisition, which is surprisingly helpful.

Pushing the Radon universe highest zone to 50+ will unlock maps with Extra Zones, which will reduce the chance of failure, particularly when attempting Void Maps at zone 40.

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