Base Helium cost 4
Cost increase 1.3x multiplicative
Level cap 20

(2626 Helium to max level)

Method of acquisition
Perk effects
5% multiplicative decrease to battle speed delay

"Crank your portal into overdrive, requiring extra helium but increasing the clock speed of the Universe. Each level reduces the time between Trimp and Bad Guy attacks by 5% of the current time (compounds). Maximum of 20 levels."

Effect[edit | edit source]

Each level is a 5% multiplicative decrease to battle speed delay.

This perk increases the speed at which combat occurs. The upgrade increases the attack speed for both you and your opponent. It will not allow you to attack more than your opponent and will not allow you to attack first against creatures which normally attack first.

The time between attacks is multiplied by:

0.95 ^ [Agility level]

At max level, combat will occur 2.8 times as fast.

Fighting speed[edit | edit source]

When measuring fighting speed, there are two distinct values to consider - one-shot speed and the speed of fighting a single enemy.

One-shot speed is the quickest speed the player can progress, by going through enemies requiring only one hit for each to defeat them. Below is a table comparing levels of Agility and their corresponding one-shot speeds:

Agility Level Time between Attacks

(in milliseconds)

Time between Victory and next Attack

(in milliseconds)

0,1,2 1000 200
3,4 900 100
5,6 800 100
7,8,9 700 100
10,11,12,13 600 100
14,15,16,17 500 100
18,19,20 400 100

The reason there is an overlap with levels of Agility showing the same value is because the game only runs every 100ms, and some levels just don't bring the fighting speed threshold low enough to go to the next step.

However, where those levels make a difference is the speed of fighting a single enemy. While fighting a single enemy, the game uses a clock to which it adds the precise value of current fighting speed each time they are hit. Using this clock, it is determined how quickly the next attack should occur, meaning that combat will always speed up with a higher Agility level if the enemy is receiving multiple hits.

This means that with levels in Agility, single enemy combat might look irregular, because the game is trying to reach a fighting speed value (in milliseconds) that is not divisible by 100 using chunks of time which are.

When an enemy is defeated, the clock resets - this is why one-shot speed is not affected by some levels of Agility until the threshold is brought down low enough.

For more information on how Agility affects overall fighting speed, check the Combat page.

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