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• 11/6/2018


I'm not sure where to go with this. I have a but that I keep coming across. Every time I portal now, I start with 1 Food. Even after completing all the Scientists and my max zone, I just beat zone 500 spire. That's when things started acting strangely. Below is what I see. If this is not the spot to report this, please let me know as I obviously don't know where else to go or reach any of the devs. Also as a side note, I'm unable to respec now. I can respec everything or nothing. I can't choose what and how much I want to respec.

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• 4/8/2018


What would you love to have added to the game and how would it work?
my idea: builders, a trimp job. Price: 1M food, 10K wood and metal. Price increase: food*2, wood/metal*3. Each builder preduces 1 housing space per minute. However, it takes one more minute to generate a housing space each time every builder has generated one. That resets if a new builder is bought. "builders thrive on innovation."
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• 7/7/2018

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• 12/31/2015

Updated Guidelines on adding new content to Trimps Wikia

Hello all existing and future editors!
I have just updated the front page with new guidelines that will now be enforced on future edits. Please note that not following these guidelines is not a bannable offense (unless you're straight up trolling), but I would extremely appreciate if you did follow them.
Thank you!
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• 9/12/2015

Were I could post a message for give some idea of challenge/perks?

I want to give some idea of challenge/perks but I don'k know were I need to post it or who whisp...
Like: Slow challenge, The time is divided by 2 (you produce half you trimp battle 2 time slower ETC,)
reward: Time master (a perk who grant you 1% production per level) 1 helium start then this list
2-5-8-12 then +2/3 of the cost for every new level.
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• 8/5/2015

Wiki Theme

I think we should spruce up this wiki would to make it Trimp-esque, like having different elements of the game showing up (gray bg, a title that looks like a gathering box with a progress bar and "researching" or something, etc.). The theme is a bit plain and I think it would fun, is anybody down?
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• 8/5/2015

A note on code scavenging.

If your are scrounging the game coding and come across elements that are not implemented yet, GreenSatellite would prefer that it does not get posted on the wiki and I think it's best to follow that preference.
NOTE: Non-implemented things not only include commented out ( // or /* */ ) code, but code that looks like it should be working but has not actually been put into the game yet (i.e. there are certain species of imps that are 'locked' and dont show up as of  the current patch (1.081)).
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• 7/27/2015

Categorization of Pages

With the edition of so many pages and redirects and what not, along the lines of the post Muskar has made, I think it might be beneficial to make an easy-to-browse, comprehensive list of all (or at least most) pages and link it to the homepage.
I believe that the best way to do this would be to categorize pages in the coming days. For organization purposes, I think we need several main categories that most topics fit into that then can be put onto a table of contents page of sorts. We can use this thread to organize and discuss the set-up of what categories should be made and what should be put in them. 
In my opinion some of those main categories should be Materials, either Conquest or Combat,  Soft Reset (or some other more appropriate title), and Background Info.
Materials would include pages such as:
- Redirects for resources, Jobs, Helium, Reources
Conquest or Combat (idk which makes more sense as a title) would include pages such as:
- Zones, Monsters, Equipment, Maps, Unique Maps, Equipment cost, Blimps redirect (there is a dupe of this btw)
Ascension/Soft Reset/Something Better would include pages such as:
- Helium, Portal, Blimps redirect(maybe), Dimension of anger redirect (there is a dupe of that too), 
Background Info (or something) would be a good one for things like World and Story that describe and give a base idea of the world and things in it.
Althought there are still other, semi-important pages like Structures, Unlocks, and Foremen, and I suppose they could go under the same category but I'm not sure so I'd appreciate feedback and discussion on this
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• 7/26/2015

Don't forget to use Template:Stub

It's just a line of text that goes like this:
This article is a stub. You can help the Trimps Wiki by expanding it.
Later on we may want an image for the template for looks.
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• 7/26/2015

I nominate myself for Wiki bureaucrat!

Type {{Support}*} or {{Oppose}*} to vote. (Without the asterisk)


I nominate myself because I have had lots of editing expirence in other wikis, expecially the PvZ wiki. I have added many pictures and is known by many of the staff, even them leaving messages on my userpage hoping for me to come back (and the PvZ wiki is one of the largest wikis on Wikia). I understand voting, and will be here to stay, when duty calls, I must come. (PvZ wiki will get me to write here too because of the notifications.)
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• 7/26/2015

Wiki Growth.

If we want to truly grow, we'll need to grant some people burecratic permissions and get a hierarchy going.
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• 7/26/2015

A Wikia expert has arrived.

I have gained a lucky medal on the PvZ wiki, and have done may hundreds of edits their. I shall do similar to this Wiki. Good luck to me.
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• 7/17/2015

Adding a Species page...

Do you guys think it would be good to make a species page? It wouldnt add any gameplay aid, but i think it'd be cool to add some depth to the bigger species if we compiled all the desciptory quotes about them.
Like have a big section for Trimps with any of the in-game quotes that describe them. Then have a section for all the bosses (First Dragimp, Blimp, Megablimp, Mischimp (the The Block boss)) and have quotes that describe them as well (and maybe finally figure out what Mischimp is actually referencing...). Then just have a list of all the less important species.
Idk, but then again, it might be pointless to make a big deal out of little details, but I'd like to hear your opinions
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